Se realiza el overhaul completo del avión en nuestras instalaciones.  Se realizan todas las SID y se cambia toda la tornillería de los paneles por acero inoxidable.  Se tinta el avión completo cada componente por separado y se procede a la conversión del motor Continental JETA1.

  1. Overhaul completo del avión.
  2. Conversión a motores DIESEL.
  3. Instalación de paracaidas.

A clean and well organized work area is the key to obtain the best end results.

Attention to detail from the smalles items to the largest ones.

We check all aircraft for external and internal corrossion treament and all areas are properlly inspected to obtain the best results.

All parts are painted and then assembled in order to obtain a clean and nice end result.

All flight controls are painted and balanced and isntalled with new hardware.  Every single nut is replaced with stainless units and wickssticks are treated and reinstalled to comply with applicable conductivity tests.

Every single fairing, pannel, screw nut and bolt are removed, treated and installed after final paint in order to achieve the best results.

Firewalls are cleaned and polished and modified in order to accomodate the next generation FADEC controlled JETA1 piston engines.

Final instalation of powerplant.

Complete cabin is removed as well as floor pannels in order to replace all applicable fuel lines and routing of new wire bundles.  New fuel selectors are installed and the area is thoroughly cleaned.

Cockpit modifications are carefully installed in accordance with the STC.

Engine fairing is modified and new scoops are installed to allow for aditional ventilation and inspection pannels.

The aircraft is meticously cleaned and the area is very well organized to avoid FOD.

The final touch in every detail makes a huge difference.

End results